3 Reasons Why Booking a Micro Wedding May Be A Good Choice During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Covide-19 Pandemic has forced many couples to alter their weddings plans, leaving them with the dreaded task of contacting vendors in an attempt to cancel or reschedule. Couples with weddings that have been booked for months and in some cases years are being offered little to no refund options as several vendors are small businesses trying to stay afloat themselves. There is no doubt that this pandemic has left a path of devastated couples and the wedding industry reeling out of control. The entire world has been disrupted; however, micro weddings may be an option for couples still seeking to have the wedding of their dreams.

A micro wedding is a celebration of marriage that has a few invited guests, commonly 20 or less, is shorter in duration, simpler in format, and less stress to organize. It is not an elopement, micro weddings consist of all the elements of a traditional ceremony, including a beautiful venue, photographer, cake, and decor. The difference is that it’s on a much smaller scale. With micro weddings couples are able to avoid the stresses of planning for a large crowd and the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors.

Below are 3 reasons why booking a micro wedding may be a good choice during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

1. Many couples are being forced to reschedule or cancel their traditional ceremonies and opting for smaller weddings or elopements. Dates in 2020 and 2021 are in high demand as couples seek to reschedule, so if it’s important to marry on a specific date or year, now is the time book. Larger ceremonies can always be held at a later time when conditions improve.

2. Unemployment rates have reached record highs, stripping couples of the wedding budget that may have taken months and years to save. Others may simply want to save money and forego the expenses of a traditional wedding due to the uncertainties and fall out that may come in the coming months. Some may want to save for a home, vacation, or starting a family. Choosing a micro wedding gives couples an affordable option without having to head to the courthouse or eloping.

3. Micro weddings eliminate the need for extensive planning and coordination. There are several venues that cater to these weddings, providing all inclusive options for couples. A micro wedding can be whatever and wherever the couple desires.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without a global pandemic looming. Although social distancing and stay at home orders are in effect, thankfully the love of your partner is not lost. Couples should grieve their changed plans. Feelings of frustration and disappointment are normal; however, this too shall pass. The most important thing is that once we emerge from this once in a lifetime disaster, normalcy will be restored and options are still available for your dream wedding day.

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